Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Fifth Grade Life

Hi this is my fifth grade life and my name is shannon and what im about to tell you is true now watch and die from laughter. It was my first day at shool and i was freaking out one cause my mom made me miss registration so ididn't know who was in my class and second know clue what the teacher was like. But it turned out fine because i new some people (more than half the class) and two of them became my best friends, And there names are Tiare and Kristin. Okay moving on we went through some funny adventures in fifth grade with my not even friends friends named Indy,Dakotta,and Pedro now we all have cell phones except Tiare, and the boyz found out that i keep mine in my backpack (dum dum dum)and it was the seond to last week of school and Indy had gotten in trouble and took it only the geninus wasn't smart enough to think get everybodies numbers off of my phone but he was smart enough to call his friends and get my # so im stuck with that for along time now so lets all take a minute to cry for me ='( ............ n-now t-that we're b-back lets move on. Now those guys aren't my only friends i have backups etc. ,And one of them always took his shoes off (his names Eduardo) and then we created the most fun/funnest game ever and it called Shoeball. I know its sounds stupid but trust me it gets fun. Now if you have more hhhhmmmmuuu about ten people not inculding the person who has to get the shoe then screw the game.
But don't think my werido friends go boring no the boyz discovered a new game it's called steal the backpacks and my part and get slammed into a wall by my friend she will hurt you, but back to the point they stole our backpacks and now we make sure that we rush to our backpacks when school ends, but hey who cares i dont have stuff in my backpack thats juicy but oh well thats what they'll never learn.
But thats not the end of it when my friend Kritin rammed Indy into a wall i broke my backpack so i got a new one but that wasn't so bad but it was easier to get in to so that sucked but after awhile they stopped stealing the backpacks,and just had to start stealing right out of them so me and my friend took all our keysphones out of it and everything, but they still were after the stuff they just wouldn't give up.But lukily it was right before shcool ended so there wasn't much time for them to snatch anything but. A couple weeks later school ended and we've texted each other but we won't see them for a littel while now, and that is my fifth grade life THE END


xXxSkaterxXx said...

Hey Shannon this is Jenna. I love your back ground. Go check mine out at

Kris said...

I wrote a whole new blog before you could even finish your first one!