Saturday, June 5, 2010

My first boyfriend

This was my biggest mistake ever! His name was Aaron myers (AKA-sparkles, fruit loop) and he claimed to be in love with me for 3 years, and i had been in love with him since the begging of 7th grade. So in the middle of the year right before Thanksgiving break he asked me out ( for the 3rd time that year and the 4 time ever) I said I would think about it. And of course I said yes!

So we had this Christmas dance at the Junior High and of course my date was Aaron and every slow dance we just sat there and hugged each other while going in circles. Then after words my friend Tiare said 'I've seen you guys hug now lets see a kiss!' Aaron and i just looked each other and he said ' We're not ready for that,'. And a few seconds later her dad came so we left.
Ok so around this time me and my friend Kristin were thinking of ways i could break up with him cause my heart started telling me i wasn't in love with him anymore, :'( sad i know. So we came up with the plan for me to do it after the Valentine's day dance( 3 weeks away) but, little did I know I wouldn't be the one breaking it up. Turns out 2 weeks after we came up with the idea he dumped me. Over a text message. PATHETIC! So now were just good friends that go and get ice cream and hang out at the park. :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seventh Grade

Hi again! sorry it's been a year but i totally forgot in sixth grade to write down and stuff so im in seventh grade now and i have so many things to tell you! Ok first off i love it in junior high! I'm in this class called Areobics where i met this girl named Madison and it turns out that we went to kindergarten together and hated each other then. But we are best friends now and hope to stay that way. I'm also in art man i hat that class our teacher, Mr, Cudney, is a perv and the most fast moving teacher ever i will never take that class again!
I also like the dances. They are super fun even if all you do is jump up and down for a half hour. The part i like the most if the slow dances, not just cause it's with a guy but that he asks you to dance instead of acting like your not there. The worst thing and only thing i will remeber about my first dance if this fat kid named Boudey was trying to break dance.... I still taste vomit when i think about it.
Well i'm sorry i don't have much to write about but i promise i will try and remember from now on.
Luff ya!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sixth Grade

Hi everyone! it's me again and guess what. There is excactly 32 days of school left until i'm in Junior High. Let me share some funny memories from fifth grade...

Now those are only some ill show you more at the end but what i really want to tell you are some details about my class. OK so you all know Indy, Ivan, and Peedro (hehe) it turns out that Ivan has a crush on me but it's not for sure i heard it from someone and who knows what is true and whats not these days. Next Pedro sits next to me in about every single class, totally no fair. Sadly Noe moved away in November i will never forget him................................................................. CAUSE HE'LL BE IN MY SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!!!!! OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to my story some funny things hhhmmmm oh yeah last week we had to trace somebody in our science group so of course i had Indy in my group and we traced him to look like a clown sadly he was to skinny to look like a real clown, in the end everyone thought he was Michael Jackson wearing make-up. One more thing is that Kylee, Paola, Mayberlin, Pedro, Ivan and me where playing Would You Rather... it was pedros turn and his question was: Who would you rather kiss Graciella or Shannon? he wouldn't respond quick enough so Ivan tackled Pedro and Said " Say Shannon already!" P.S. this went on for five minutes before he said Shannon

The Alphebet in webdings


Friday, October 10, 2008


Kobie was my joy and happiness but that was all lost after February of 2000 my little puppy that was no bigger than a piece of paper long was hit by car a I blame Myself for leaving for a sleepover that night only hours after did the tragedy happen i found out the next day after having so much fun only to be ruined by the news that she was put to sleep I'll never be the same again.


My sister Ashley just had a baby two months ago and his name is Nathan Earl Smith , after his father. That's not even the best part either I'm only 11 and an aunt that is so cool. Hopefully he never thinks of me as old, cause that would be sad but i'm glad heavenly father sent him to us hes my favorite treasure of all next to my Kobie that will never be replaced i miss her but Nathan is her in a boy and human form and maybe i'll something some day as wonderful as them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rule The School

Hey people its me yeah thats right i'm in sixth grade now so me and my friends rule the school, so let me give you the new news >). so you know that last year we had problems well this year is just percet cause i have all three idots in my class yay no not yay bbbbboooooooooooooooo and to add on my two bffs are in a diferent class so four another 36 weeks im stuck with them wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
tha-t-thank you and tune in nexxt week when im dead thank you and good good night wwwwhhhhaaaa