Saturday, June 5, 2010

My first boyfriend

This was my biggest mistake ever! His name was Aaron myers (AKA-sparkles, fruit loop) and he claimed to be in love with me for 3 years, and i had been in love with him since the begging of 7th grade. So in the middle of the year right before Thanksgiving break he asked me out ( for the 3rd time that year and the 4 time ever) I said I would think about it. And of course I said yes!

So we had this Christmas dance at the Junior High and of course my date was Aaron and every slow dance we just sat there and hugged each other while going in circles. Then after words my friend Tiare said 'I've seen you guys hug now lets see a kiss!' Aaron and i just looked each other and he said ' We're not ready for that,'. And a few seconds later her dad came so we left.
Ok so around this time me and my friend Kristin were thinking of ways i could break up with him cause my heart started telling me i wasn't in love with him anymore, :'( sad i know. So we came up with the plan for me to do it after the Valentine's day dance( 3 weeks away) but, little did I know I wouldn't be the one breaking it up. Turns out 2 weeks after we came up with the idea he dumped me. Over a text message. PATHETIC! So now were just good friends that go and get ice cream and hang out at the park. :D