Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seventh Grade

Hi again! sorry it's been a year but i totally forgot in sixth grade to write down and stuff so im in seventh grade now and i have so many things to tell you! Ok first off i love it in junior high! I'm in this class called Areobics where i met this girl named Madison and it turns out that we went to kindergarten together and hated each other then. But we are best friends now and hope to stay that way. I'm also in art man i hat that class our teacher, Mr, Cudney, is a perv and the most fast moving teacher ever i will never take that class again!
I also like the dances. They are super fun even if all you do is jump up and down for a half hour. The part i like the most if the slow dances, not just cause it's with a guy but that he asks you to dance instead of acting like your not there. The worst thing and only thing i will remeber about my first dance if this fat kid named Boudey was trying to break dance.... I still taste vomit when i think about it.
Well i'm sorry i don't have much to write about but i promise i will try and remember from now on.
Luff ya!