Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sixth Grade

Hi everyone! it's me again and guess what. There is excactly 32 days of school left until i'm in Junior High. Let me share some funny memories from fifth grade...

Now those are only some ill show you more at the end but what i really want to tell you are some details about my class. OK so you all know Indy, Ivan, and Peedro (hehe) it turns out that Ivan has a crush on me but it's not for sure i heard it from someone and who knows what is true and whats not these days. Next Pedro sits next to me in about every single class, totally no fair. Sadly Noe moved away in November i will never forget him................................................................. CAUSE HE'LL BE IN MY SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!!!!! OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to my story some funny things hhhmmmm oh yeah last week we had to trace somebody in our science group so of course i had Indy in my group and we traced him to look like a clown sadly he was to skinny to look like a real clown, in the end everyone thought he was Michael Jackson wearing make-up. One more thing is that Kylee, Paola, Mayberlin, Pedro, Ivan and me where playing Would You Rather... it was pedros turn and his question was: Who would you rather kiss Graciella or Shannon? he wouldn't respond quick enough so Ivan tackled Pedro and Said " Say Shannon already!" P.S. this went on for five minutes before he said Shannon